Silver, Gold and Gemstone Jewellery

Hello, and welcome to Rockpool Jewellery.  My name is Dianne Case-Crewes, and I live on a Cornish cliff-top.  Having been an artist for many years, I turned to silversmithing.  Wanting to add to the silver aspect of the jewellery, I purchased fifteen freshwater cultured pearls, which awakened a flood of design inspiration!  This quickly blossomed into a move to genuine gemstones, and now I buy gems from the world over to incorporate into my designs.  My sources are ethical, and actively invest in local communities connected with gemstone mining.  Quality is also a top priority. 

My pearl and gemstone collection now covers a vast range, giving the ability to design a comprehensive range in both colour and affordability.  You will notice from the 'products' pages that the quantity of each piece is '1'.  That is because I only ever design and make one of each piece.  You can therefore be assured that yours is the only one in the world!!!  This exclusivity means that when you wear your jewellery you will have many comments, and when you tell the admirer that it is a single designer piece, never to be repeated, you might well feel quite proud.

Much of the inspiration for my designs comes from the countryside and shoreline where we live, from the colours of the sea in her many different moods, to the plants and hedgerows, birds and animals, woodland and coves.  In the Country - Above the Sea!

I do hope that you have as much satisfaction wearing your Rock Pool piece of jewellery as I do designing and making it.  If you would like to ask me a question about gemstones or would like a bespoke item, please contact me by e-mail:  I would also love to hear from you if you purchase any BRIDAL piece, with a photograph of you on the magical day! 

Dianne Case-Crewes.